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    K. Renee Marlow has been using hypnosis to augment and assist in helping people to make the changes they desire for over twenty years. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can aid in successfully managing and changing your behavior.


    Hypnotic suggestions can help to lower and manage stress. I can provide suggestions during hypnosis for different responses to stress that will improve your current reaction to stressful situations and implement a new calm response to stress. In addition, learning self-hypnosis will give you the tools to give yourself suggestions any time they may be helpful.


    I can work with you to relieve your anxiety utilizing hypnosis. There are numerous suggestions which are effective in working with anxiety depending upon the source of the anxiety response.


    If you have a history of trauma, including PTSD, I can help you manage your trauma responses using hypnosis and teaching you self-hypnosis techniques to keep yourself calm and in the present.

    Stop Smoking

    I can provide hypnotic suggestions for smoking cessation along with a plan to change your behaviors related to smoking.

    Weight Loss

    Weight loss is often difficult to achieve. I have worked with many people to utilize hypnosis to effectively implement their weight loss and food plans.


    Phobias often control people’s lives. I can customize hypnosis suggestions to help manage your phobic responses and resume activities you desire.


    Many times fears keep people for enjoying pursuits they desire either for themselves or with others. I can help you overcome your fears with hypnosis and arm you with ways to hypnotize yourself to reinforce these hypnotic suggestions.

    Self Confidence

    Even to my surprise, I have used hypnosis with patients to develop and boost self-confidence. This is a potent technique to add to your abilities as you are building more confidence in yourself and your talents.


    Hypnosis can be effectively used to manage and control pain giving relief to acute pain as well as chronic conditions


    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Stop Smoking
    • Weight Loss
    • Phobias
    • Fears
    • Self Confidence
    • Pain